As usual always full of curiosity and eager to explore the world around them, little Pollys started their day.
Find number 6!
Numeracy hour helped to improve on recalling and recognition of numbers as different numbers were presented to the kids in order to find and paint number 6.
This was great to encourage them in language development as kids were excited at what they saw and expressed their thoughts.
When kids often do activities like this with so much concentration, it helps to improve focus and lengthen their attention span.
There are many ways to encourage and help kids to learn about transportation because it is all around us.
It is easy to play and get kids more versed in the concept, it helps solidify their understanding.
Kids had a transportation puzzle today and they enjoyed this activity.
It was a beautiful creative journey for the little ones.
Little Pollys kicked off their day with an energetic Karate class.
Kids were happy to express their physical energy by doing their favorite exercises.
Also boosting their Physical, Social and Emotional development was on the maximum.
A good learning experience today…

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