Kids were so excited when the teacher introduced the theme of the week. 
Hurray!!!! Let’s play our flower game!
Equal to the mental exercise, physical exercise is also important in the early years.
During Phonic class kids learned about letter “k”.
They enjoyed designing a kiwi.
They were able to identify all the colors of this delicious fruit.
This was to enhance their logical and thinking skills.
This was great to encourage them in language development as kids were excited at what they saw and expressed their thoughts.
A great activity for Pollys as they are performing with their hands and their minds are led to wonder.
It was educative for children as they mixed sensory play with communication and language.
Kids enjoyed reading time as they learned a lot about plants.
This activity helped them to boost their communication and language skills and they learned about the world they live in.
They finished their day with warm-up exercises in the Gym.
It was a great way to finish the day.
That was to improve their physical development.

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