“Messing with Colors”
A very playful start for cheerful little Seattle and Amethyst. They use paints and messed with it.
The sensory experience enables them to understand how things feel, smell and taste and it supports their physical development. Messy play fosters child’s curiosity, imagination, experimentation and practices good concentration. When making marks in paint, the children develop an early form of writing.
Learning can be more fun with babies and small children when you do it with songs and games.Their circle time focused on singing with action.Another exciting way of identifying colors, numbers and shapes were introduced.
Little children have limited expressive language skills, showing facial expressions develops child awareness about feelings.Ultimately, emotional literacy is as foundational as learning the ABC’s.Using language to express their feelings is a laying foundation for future wellness.
As the week ended, the children were overjoyed with the celebration of Gregorie’s birthday party, celebrating friendship and learning.

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