K is for kangaroo!
“Learning the alphabet is an essential part of early learning about literacy. We use different materials to teach this letters to kids. Today a kangaroo was drawn. Kids were to pick up letter /k/ from a collage of letters and decorate that animal with.  Children enjoyed using these animals because they got to know how things do relate.
Count and Match!
We started by counting the items that were found on the worksheet. It was great fun counting and playing. Kids were then led to count by themselves and match to the numbers on the same worksheet. Activities like this helps children begin to move towards matching one thing at a time with the number as they say it.
How fast can you trace?
Kids were given some boards with a letter on one side and a number on the other side. They aware called in pairs to trace as fast as they could and turn. Accuracy was taken note of as well as speed. Kids enjoyed this fun and educative exercise.

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