Good Morning Pollys!
Let`s start our day with a game.
Orange ring game was very educative for kids as they learned about the world they live in and enhanced their personal, social and emotional skills in the same time.
Little ones liked it a lot as they got the chance to stretch their bodies.
Kids had a shaving foam which they used in order of tracing number 6.
Their tiny fingers were so busy trying to trace the perfect numbers.
Understanding of basic concepts is important in early years as it help kids to become effective communicators.
Today during Bean master class little Pollys learned about ordering numbers.
They did ordering numbers in a sequence. 
The kids were so involved as their minds wondered what number is coming next.
This was great to encourage them in language development as kids were excited at what they saw and expressed their thoughts.
Magic balloon?! – Sounds interesting…
This was an awesome science experiment for the little ones.
Children had so much fun and they really wonder what will happen?!?
Everybody got the chance to try this amazing experiment and this was a good physical interaction play for the advancement of motor skills.
An educational game such as this encourages creative expressions from the kids and boost their communication and social skills.
Great learning journey…

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