Yeah! My balloon is big!
Science is always fun for children… if it’s presented in the right way. It was lots of fun celebrating the orange day scientifically! Kids had vinegar and baking soda to use in blowing balloons. It was like magic for them to see how the balloons blew up after the mixture!
E is for the elephant!
Little kids are masters of the moment. They love the way it feels when they complete their crafts and take the first position in presenting it to the teacher. Today they made beautiful elephant craft with chat papers. They gave its legs and trunk. They will not forget that Mr. big elephant starts with letter /e/.
Lego, numbers & Letters!
A play is a child’s work and their way of trying out new skills, whilst perfecting others. Today kids were provided with their favorite play toy “Lego blocks” to use in following a pattern on the floor. The two patterns were number “7” and letter “e”.

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