Good Morning Pollys!!! Another awesome day is in front of us…
So let`s start!!!
During our circle time, we met a lot of plants… We met Rose, Sunflower, Orchid, Cactus, Palm tree and Bamboo. During this class, kids were able to identify the colors of all six plants.
This was a great activity to boost their knowledge about the numbers and colors and also learn about plants.
It was fun coloring the plants and interact with friends during literacy class.
That interaction is very important for their social development.
Letters in the sand sound very good….
It was an interesting activity because kids are performing with their tiny hands and their minds are led to wonder.
This activity promoted creativity and willingness to talk about what they are doing.
Great activity for their personal, emotional and social development as they learned how to improve their concentration in doing the activity.
It was a fun day today as the little Pollys had a super exciting Yoga class. During this activity, kids exercised their bodies. They really enjoyed as it had their muscles stretched.

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