Breathing practice!
Even kids as young as they have the ability to find stillness and breathe deeply. They also respond strongly to the routine. The predictability of Yoga practice allows them to slowly master the breathing techniques and poses. It was great fun for them as they carried out the exercise.
“Encircle letter /c/”
Children express ideas and stories through pictures they draw. They were presented with worksheets containing a collage of letters. They were told to encircle letter /e/. Speed and accuracy were taken note of. It was a great exercise to improve cognition.
Tree of numbers!
We created our number tree, to use it as a fun display of bright colored numbers. Stems and branches were numbered. Leaves were also numbered. Kids were called individually to match the numbers accordingly. To add a bit more excitement and fun to this activity, rather than just sticking the numbers onto the tree, we placed all the numbers into a bag and each child had to pull one number out at a time and say what the number was.

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