Starting the day by exploring the world sounds great for our little Pollys.
Kids were very happy to count the numbers on the floor while jumping. It was a good learning activity as kids learned during playing.
This was during our outdoor activities.
Such a great way to improve our numeracy skills.
Towers with lego blocks?
It was very interesting because kids were performing with their hands and their minds are led to wonder.
This activity promoted creativity and willingness to talk about what they are doing.
Kids did a very good job during Arts and craft class.
Very interesting solar hat craft has been done by their tiny hands.
Little Pollys know that in the space we can find nine planets and one of them is our planet Earth.
This activity was aimed to encourage them to freely explore the world they live in.
It was a fun day today as the little Pollys had a Karate class and exercised their bodies.
They really enjoyed as it had their muscles stretched.

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