Little Pollys had very interactive circle time.
It was fun today as kids revised numbers with different kinds of plants.
Kids had to match the plants to the numbers in the string.
Excellent activity as it made them know there are a lot of kinds of plants and it improved their numeracy skills as well.
Watering plants were super excited outdoor activity for kids as they learned about different kind of plants.
Do you know that all plants need a water to be happy?
We learned it today and it was super fun. Their tiny hands were so busy trying to water all of them.
During this activity their physical, social and emotional skills were enhanced to the maximum.
During their Numeracy class kids traced and colored number “6”.
They all started by choosing their favorite color.
Their fine motor, numeracy, language and communication skills were enhanced.
This was great to practice pencil control on paper.
It was a fun day as the little Pollys finished it with an outdoor play.
They really enjoyed as it had their muscles stretched.

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