Are you ready for another exciting week???
Warm up, it is time to be busy now!
Come on! Let’s start the day with exercise!
Little Pollys were very busy today.
Learning about plants was very much interesting. The kids looked at the different kinds of plants and found how big and small they are.
During their Literacy class kids traced letter “e”.
They all started by choosing their favorite color.
Their fine motor, literacy, language and communication skills were enhanced.
This was great to practice pencil control on paper.
Winter is time to enjoy and play too.
They had outdoor games and activities to play, which they enjoyed and of course, a play is important for the young minds and growing bodies too.
Protect your child’s teeth by starting dental checkups early!
Today at White fields nursery little Pollys had a dental check-up.
Little ones learned that good oral hygiene is very important and of course they were rewarded for their bravery.

Learning through playing was really very fun today!

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