Ready… Steady… GO!!!!
Little Pollys were happy to connect with nature today, when they made a miniature garden inside their classroom.
How impressing it was for the kids to make an amazing garden with their friends!
Taking kids to the garden offers a lot of benefits for the little ones. Children are always looking out for more ideas to develop their knowledge.
Today they were happy to see a lot of different plants.
It was an awesome way to learn about the world they live in!
Literacy class.
Kids raced through tracing today.
Here they aimed at the proper formation of letter “e”.
Their fine motor skills were progressively developed.
We use math numbers in almost every daily activity.
These concepts are necessary for kids to grasp.
By reinforcing this, we used some eggplants and cups.

Kids were led to count the eggplants according to the corresponding numbers

placed in front of them.
They found this very interesting as they had stickers for a perfect job done.

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