The old man and the mouse!
What did you hear?
It was a lovely story time for kids. When young children listen to stories, they have the chance to hear words presented in a unique way while also hearing speech inflections. Kids were given the chance to narrate what they got. Some transformed the story, some changed, some added. It was great fun.
Cultivating number seeds!
Kids were provided with some numbers and seeds on apples. Each number corresponded to a seed. They were allowed to match up the seeds and the numbers.
We reinforce the skills of counting and matching.
Encircle number /7/
A collage of numbers was on a worksheet shared with kids. They were told to encircle number 7 only. Improving numeracy was the backbone of this activity.
It was fun having yoga with their yoga teacher as she let the kids lead her into the pose that will work for them.

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