“It’s Love that Makes the World Go Round”

It’s Valentine’s day today. Little kids seem to intrinsically understand a day set aside each year to celebrate love.Geared up with their red colour attire, all were extremely excited to celebrate. This special day is not just for the children but for the family as well. The snuggle-and smooch-fest is perfectly primed for them. Cool red dresses, yummy pizzas, red hearts, games and dances made the celebration significant.
 Luckily, love is one concept that comes naturally to little ones. Valentine’s Day is for showing certain people especially our children that we love them and for making them feel even more special than usual. The positive effects of parent involvement on children create a home environment that encourages learning and White Fields nursery management and staff salute the parents and extend their sincere appreciation for making this day memorable. All children were so happy, provides that love makes the world go round.

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