Pollys circle time was very interactive today.
They learned about the big and small concept. They were asked to name big and small letters in the classroom.
Asking children to voice out their thoughts gives the opportunity for them to practice reasoning skills.
Kids enjoyed tracing number “7” today.
They were so much involved in order to make the same shape as a teacher did.
Activities like this help kids to develop their concentration and improve their focus as well.
Little Pollys enjoyed a ball transfer game.
This game was aimed at teaching the little ones to work as a team.
The little ones tossed the ball back and forth to their friends lined up in the queue.
Such a great activity for the last day of the week.
They had a Karate class too.
This was good for their brains and general healthy development.
It was great listening to a story narrated by a teacher.
Listening to stories is an extremely good practice because it boosts their language and communication skills.

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