“Babies CAN do crafts”
How many times we have heard “babies and toddlers are too young to do crafts”? The fact is “they can” If they can hold a small toy they can create art.
In this morning activity, little Amethyst and Seattle continued celebrating the day of heart by making a Heart Day card. This is another creative sensory experience for them. They placed a happy face and their lovely pictures on their card. Making arts with babies and toddlers can be harder, they’re  going to get messy either way but this gives them the creative control. In this activities for toddlers, the focus is on the process of creating the art, rather than the outcome.
Coloring letter “D” made every little babies and toddlers’ day colorful. The activity allowed them to be familiar with words that start with letter”d” like duck and doll. With pictures presented to them, learning becomes more
fun and easy.

It was a week full of fun and love!

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