“One Great Sunday
An amazing day to start the week for the jolly little babies and toddlers.Everyone had fun during the circle time. Singing “who are here today? ” each child was welcomed in the class. Then, each child was asked to identify different colors by letting them step on the color being mentioned by the teacher as a review on colors identification.

Counting was fun with colored balls…kids have enjoyed counting the colored balls and have gross motor development activity through ball shooting game. It was an exciting game, especially whenever they can shot the balls in the chart-paper made as a shooting ring.

Children love animals !… its farm day at the nursery…using diorama kids were introduced to the different farm animals such as duck, pig, chicken, goat, sheep, horse and cow. As they learned the name of each animal they have also mimic each different sounds.

5 little ducks float out today!!!…as fine motor skills development, kids were asked to play with a paper duck. Each child experienced to manipulate the paper duck and learned how it floats on water while singing the song “5 little ducks”. Number 5 was also introduced to them. They learned how to count from 1 to 5 using the paper ducks.

Indeed, all kids enjoyed the whole day of fun and play. It was a great day to remember!

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