Another busy day for our little Pollys…
Let`s warm up and start our day with exercises.
The Gym hour was so good today and they had a great workout.
It was a great exercise to start their day.
This was to improve their physical development.

The kids had a remarkable experience learning about farm animals.
During their Art and craft class, they painted their favorite farm animal. When kids often do activities like this with so much concentration it helps to improve focus and lengthen their attention span.
Great way to have the kids enjoy their early years through expressive arts and design.

Kids numeracy skills are developing every day.
Today they were led to do some coloring.
They used their favorite color to make number “7” very colorful.
Creativity at it’s best!

Colors are an easy way to check learning. As they learn colors, they build good learning connections in their brain.  With colorful balls today, kids were provided with different colors of baskets in order to put the corresponding colored ball inside. Engaging and effective learning experiences like this develop essential skills for every child.

Well done Pollys!!!

Learning through playing was really very fun today!


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