Startled squawk! Cried the chicken!
Kids learned about farm animals. Farming is important for our life. Farm animals produce many things for our life. In our farm animals theme, children will learn how farm animal helps us. Today they learned about the Hen by counting its chicks. They also learned that it gives us the egg. They incorporated the farm animal “chicken with numbers”. A lovely activity for proper cognitive development.

Fostering creativity!
In learning letter, “h” kids made a horse craft. Creating art helps boost young children’s ability to analyze and problem-solve in myriad ways.

Some Phonics was wrapped up and thrown in the middle of other phonics. Kids had to pick up one of the Wrapped phonics, open and match with the open letters. What an interesting way to review letters.

It was fun in the Gym as they took turns playing and exercising. They were allowed to choose whatever activity they wanted. After which they exchanged with their friends.

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