“Let the Children Play and Learn”

Babies and toddlers are never too young to start learning! The idea of numbers and phonics can be introduced when the child is as young as 6 months by counting small sets of items — ” One, two!” and singing songs and rhymes that includes counting or phonics sound.
The best way for a child to get the most out of learning is through play and for them to be left to play at his or her own rate based on his or her interests and this is how we approach learning with Amethyst and Seattle kids.

Learning number “5” was fun as they walked on a big number “5” on the floor. The colors and shapes and the idea of walking on number “5” thrilled the little children. It’s a great way to develop their motor skills.
Kids played with sand and write number “5” on it!Sand is such a great sensory toy for kids as they explore their sense of touch and play. This sensory development activity also helps in their vocabulary and language skills.

Allowing the babies and toddlers to play and work with other children promote the relationships similar to that within a family setup. They learn to play and communicate appropriately.The purple color day celebration was joyful as they joined the older children with their activities.
As the day concluded, their little hands built dragon craft and were delighted doing it.

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