Our days in White Fields nursery always starts with a great activity!
It was great to learn about purple color today.
A very exciting theme for the little ones as they performed everything with their little hands.
With the help of the teacher, the little scientists made a super exciting science experiment which seemed so amazing to them.
Mixing colors was so much interesting for the little ones as they learned that when they mix red and blue color they will get the purple one!
Thumbs up for our Pollys!
During their Art and craft hour, they made a big white sheep.
When kids often do activities like this with so much concentration it helps to improve focus and lengthen their attention span.
Great way to have the kids enjoy their early years through expressive arts and design.

Little Pollys learnt about numbers today.
A lot of numbers were presented to the kids in order to sort them.
This was good for their fine motor skills as well as their communication and language development as they tried to explain what they found.
A really great day today….

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