Yoga day!
We had exercises which aimed at integrating and relaxing the children’s mind and body with a series of slow, rhythmic and purposeful movements.
Physical activity, whether individual or team-based are great for the little ones as they help build children’s self-esteem, social skills, confidence and motivate them to excel in life.
Along with all the activities, they revised the phonics, numbers, and colors as well.
Recognition of phonics was awesome, jumping on covered color blocks was so refreshing.
During their reading time, little ones sit in the circular form.
They enjoyed reading their favorite stories and answering the questions asked by the teacher.
Before answering, they raised up their hands.
Well done little ones!
When children are given artworks to do, using different colors to beautify their creations, it gives them a sense of satisfaction. In this activity, they painted our letter of the week – letter “e” with colors of their choices.
Coloring helps children develop good finger grip.

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