Pollys circle time was very interactive today. 
They learned about farm animals. They were asked to name the farm animals they saw in the pictures. Asking children to voice out their thoughts gives the opportunity for them to practice reasoning skills.
Kids also learned how to control their pencil by coloring some letters on sheets of papers given to them.
This activity was great for developing their hand-eye concentration as well as their visual control.
Science surfers!
Today at White Fields Nursery we learned about planet Earth.
Colorful Earth?! Sounds interesting…
This was an awesome science experiment for the little ones.
Children had so much fun and they really wonder what will happen?!?
While our colorful planet was coming out kids eyes sparkled.
Everybody got the chance to try this magic and this was a good physical interaction play for the advancement of motor skills.
An educational game such as this encourages creative expressions from the kids and boost their communication and social skills.

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