“On the Farm”
Most children learned by reading, looking and listening.By inventing many different ways to explore a subject and many ways to express themselves, all children in a class were given the chance to learn.
They started their day with a circle time of singing and asking ” Look who’s here today?” which motivated them to be active and prepared for the day’s fun and adventures.
Because they deserve the best, they shall be given the opportunity to learn in ways that spark their enthusiasm and interest. Lessons about farm
animals were introduced through a big book. The size and pictures of animals in the big book are exciting to children. This motivated them to pay attention and focus on the activity. The little Amethyst and Seattle pretended that they were on the farm along with the other animals. This made learning meaningful for them.
Their ideas about numbers 1-5 were reinforced through an activity of inserting a number pattern to its corresponding number. Tossing color balls to their corresponding colored holes is another way of identifying colours for the small children. In this activity, their hand-eye coordination and motor skills are developed.
The day was full of fun and adventures!

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