There are many ways to encourage and help kids to learn about numbers because numbers are all around us.
It is easy to play and get kids more versed I the concept, it helps solidify their understanding.
Kids had a number 8 craft and they enjoyed this activity.
It was a beautiful creative craft journey for the little ones.
Numeracy hour helped to improve on recalling and recognition of numbers as different numbers were presented to the kids to match according to their corresponding numbers.
They also enjoyed the brown game today. They used their little bodies to run as fast as they can and to paint a big brown horse.
A great way to exercise their bodies and most importantly to develop physically, socially and emotionally.
Color sorting game…
This was a perfect outdoor activity because children were very active.
Everybody got the chance to take colorful balls and run to reach the target line.
Little faces sparkled and they enjoyed so much.
This was great to encourage them in language development as kids were excited at what they do and express their thoughts.
They actually also developed their physical, social and emotional skills because they played taking turns.
It was fun for kids listening to the story narrated by a teacher.
Listening to stories is a great way to improve their language and communication skills.

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