Circle time!
Colors are an easy way to check learning. As they learn colors, they build good learning connections in their brain.  With colorful balls today, kids were provided with different colors of baskets in order to put the corresponding colored ball inside. Engaging and effective learning experiences like this develop essential skills for every child.
Kids showed their art and expressive skills by making an amazing heart craft. Their creativity was boosted to the maximum while they counted colorful hearts.
Their communication skills were put on work.
It was great for as it kept their minds at work and a great sensory play for them.
They learned how to assemble things together.
Reading is a great way to improve their language, communication and imagination skills.
Little ones had a good time today when the teacher read the story.
They had a chance to interact and express their thoughts.
Gym class was very exciting today.
Pollys were so active as they tried all movements shown by the teacher.
This activity requires a lot of concentration and it was great for boosting their physical, social and emotional skills.
A fantastic learning journey today…

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