Shoot it! Shoot it!
“It takes a big heart to shape a little mind “ Planning for varied learning activities could be a very difficult task for teachers but it’s always rewarding and noble act once kids learned and visible results of development are prominent.
Early Sunday morning, children in Seattle class had a free play that motivated their interest for the day’s activities. Remarkably they demonstrated their enthusiasm to learn. During the circle time review lessons where focused on numeracy and colors identification. Apparently, this method enables them to master past lessons. Fine motor skills were developed through the “bottle shooting game”. Using 6 pieces colored cotton balls, kids are asked to shoot it to the tiny hole of a bottle while counting. Shooting develops the hands and eyes coordination as well as numeracy skills as they were counting. Color recognition and sensory-motor control were also developed through finger painting on printed number 6. They also enjoyed hopping and stepping on the number line on the floor. The activity allowed the kids to develop gross motor skills and agility as well.

Sunday was a great and memorable day!

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