Miniature Zoo
Materials like Lego blocks, stripes, gate, were gathered and organized along with plastic animals, in a box that kids could have access to use to decorate and build their own miniature zoo. It was such fun for them as they learned about zoo animals and those they could be laid hands on at that time.
Empowering kids!
Kids were taught to print their first name. We were so patient, as this will take practice. This is very empowering for a preschooler!
Language and literacy are rooted in social interactions as children were the group in pairs and led to trace letter r on the board. Each pair wanted to be the best.
Endorphin Production!
The exercises done during their gym class helps in endorphin production (feel Good hormones) in the brain. As kids get involved in gym classes, they benefit from the release of endorphins. The physical activity becomes fun. These allow kids to go to their next classes feeling cheerful, relaxed and ready to focus on learning new ideas.

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