Matching animals with letter “tha” filled the day of Skittles class.It is a review of the previous lesson about letter “tha”. And their creativity was expressed through a snake craft which matched the same letter in Arabic. They used paper plates as a medium and they had fun doing it. Creativity and literacy were integrated into this activity.
We start with the new letter  that we took it yesterday letter”tha” and we start to review what kind of animals are matching to this letter, then we start with doing craft the snake craft that its match the same letter in Arabic, first they have to put the snake on the paper plate then they have to stick the three small point on the letter.

Islamic class encouraged children to communicate properly with others, a good trait that the children can use in dealing and talking with people. This activity is a character and value formation for them at an early age. The storytelling time was in the Arabic language, and every little kid wanted to share their story. A lesson about “Surah al,”Kawther was introduced.

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