Let’s go to the ZOO!
 “It’s not just a play…they are skills for life “

A play is an essential part of early learning. It’s the lifeblood of the learning process. As children play they are developing their cognitive, social-emotional and physical skills that they need into productive adulthood. Monday was another day of excitement and fun as they started their day with a review of the phonic sounds of letter A, B, C, D, and E, different colors and names of the days of the week. Then letter E was introduced as E for EARS. The activity helped develop their sense of hearing as teacher produced the sound of E and explained that ears are used for hearing different sounds around us. To practically discover this fact, the teacher used colored balloons as bean bags. Children were given the opportunity to develop their fine motor skills by tossing and shaking the balloons that produced sounds. It was a new experienced for them. Next in line, was the Ear Craft making. It served as an avenue for kids to give importance to their senses and its functions. Storytelling about Trip to the Zoo was the most exciting and wonderful experience among all. Kids pretended to be the zookeepers. Imagination on real animals, how they moved and lived in their environment were exposed and developed. This experience unveiled their individual emotional character.

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