Crawl …crawl…crawl… let’s have the spider web crawl!
Being a child is full of energy and enthusiasm. As the early morning started, kids had refresher lessons on phonics and shapes. Eagerly they all showed their prowess and actively cooperated with all the activities of the day. There were varied activities undertaken such as, letter E for Elephant craft which made them more familiar with letter E symbol and its phonetic sound. Along with it, was the mini-cardboard Zoo group activity where kids are exposed to different zoo animal toys. Kids identified the animals and associated it with its sounds as they helped one another in making the mini-cardboard zoo. This activity also enhanced their socio-emotional self as they showed cooperation with each other to finish their task. Next to it, was the most exciting and challenging activity…the spider-web crawl. Crawl …crawl…crawl… let’s have the spider web crawl!  as they cheered. This activity developed their gross motor skills through crawling on the floor under the tangled crepe papers tied on the chairs arranged like a spider web. All had fun and loved it. Last activity was the magic milk, as a science experiment. The experiment used milk and food colors to produce different magical colors. These helped kids develop color recognition and sensory motors skills.

It was indeed a successful day for all!

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