Good Morning Pollys.
We started our day with numeracy hour.
A good way of learning numbers is through play. Children learned about number 8 and it was a great opportunity for their little brains to master the numbers whilst playing with their toys during Numeracy class. They found eight chairs and they were ready to play.
Also, they were able to trace and color number 8.
Tracing number 8 was beneficial for practising pencil control.
It was a cool activity and it made them recall what they have been studying.

Our day was filled with a friendly smile.
“Jump on the circle and bring me the number”!!! This was our outdoor game for today and involvement of the kids has been just amazing.

We did something great for our bodies today.
We had a Karate class.
It was a gross motor activity in which practised following the instructions while playing and exercising.
Hurray!!! Thumbs up for us!!!

We had reading time too!
A wonderful way to improve their cognitive development and enhance their literacy, language and communication skills.
Kids ended up reviewing shapes and phonics.

Fun filled day today!

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