To start a good productive day, little ones did a variety of dance movements, shaking and wiggling as they enjoyed every beat and rhythm of the music.
Spider craft!
It was nice having them improve their fine motor skills as well as cognitive skills because they put their little brains to work.
During expressive arts and design hour, kids made a cute spider craft and they were happy to count spider’s legs.
Here their little hands were put to exercise and extra concentration was required for every child as they wanted to perfect it.
The kids had a great experience learning about colors and shapes.
Today little ones made super big colorful towers. Also, they were able to identify all colors.
Each one of them was happy to try out these super exciting activities.
Amazing way of knowing more about the world that they live in.
Reading is a great way to improve their language, communication and imagination skills.
Little ones had a good time today when the teacher read the story.
They had a chance to interact and express their thoughts.
And again, that was another exciting week…..

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