The school day is always a fun day. Children in Seattle class were so excited to see their classmates again. To start the day with fun, soft and small voices of children filled the classroom as they sang the circle time songs. With glee, everyone recalled the different shapes and colors as well as numbers from 1 to 6. New phonic sound ‘F’ as for frog, fan and feather were also introduced to them. Children’s eyes were sparkling as they are doing the handprint activity. They ventured into discovering the feeling of playing with paint at the same time learning how their hands can be used to create a frog figure with 6 fingers. How adorable to have witnessed how tiny hands are being printed on the white paper. The activity enhanced their imaginative skills and developed their cognitive and psychomotor control. The next activity in the list was the lily pad frog hop, it enhanced their numeracy skills by counting from 1 to 6 and gross motor skills through hopping movement. Puzzles can be an attractive activity for them too, as it will enhance their thinking analysis and eye coordination. The children joyfully did the number puzzles from 1 to 6. They matched the correct number with each other by finding the number puzzles.

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