Arabic class – SKITTLES class
We started with a review of all the previous letters learned during the circle time. Then as a start, children did Arabic phonic sounds ”alaf “ for lion, “baa” for duck and “ taa” for apple and  “tha” for FOX SNAKE. Children enjoyed the Arabic phonics sound activity as it enhanced their oral speaking skills.
Then also another Arabic class at POLLY class.
Kids love listening to stories!!
The stories always captured the attention of the kids, so we started with the story of the lion and the duck, integrating the Arabic phonic sounds of letter “ alaf” and letter “baa” as well as letter “taa” and “tha” as for fox. They were largely focused on the story because they wanted to know what happened to the duck and the lion in the story. Story Telling technique in teaching literacy to children enhance their mental analysis and behavioral domains as it defects varied character traits and practical life experiences.

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