Every day is a beautiful day at White Fields Nursery, living each day with love, joy and appreciation.
Little Pollys started their day with some exercises.
They refreshed their minds as they prepared for the activities of the day.
They had so much to do with phonics today and stuck the letters on the ZOO animals during literacy class.
That was a great and interesting activity to know the respective letters.
Kids learned about listening, raising their hands before answering the question in a good classroom manner.
During their reading time, little ones sit in the circular form.
They enjoyed reading their favorite stories and answering the questions asked by the teacher.
Before answering, they raised up their hands.
Well done little ones!
Numeracy hour helped to improve on recalling and recognition of numbers as different numbers were presented to the kids to match according to their corresponding numbers.
Our day ended with Karate class and it was filled with fun and enjoyment.
A very happy day today…

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