Seattle class started the day lively and gay. Circle time songs and music became very audible, soft and small voices of kids filled the air. It was followed by Lego blocks Tower Building Play. This play is one of the most effective techniques to build up the confidence, leadership, unity and cooperation among children. It is very simple yet very challenging fun play for kids. As they are building the tower, they were developing their different character traits and emotional behaviors. The cooperation among members is very heartwarming, they were confident too that they will be able to build up tall tower through the support of each other. Some kids craftmanship or imagination to produce a different style of a tower was also enhanced. Some kids’ leadership potentials to lead the group became very visible. Then, a day will not be complete without their craft. They were tasked to make a paper fan as F for Fan. They were so happy giving themselves some fresh air while they fanned.
A day well is done!

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