Little Pollys had an awesome time learning about numbers today.
They started the day by having a friendly circle time.
Little ones learned that all around the big blue globe they can find a lot of different kind of animals.
Learning about this theme was such a great way to boost their communication and language skills.
The kids had a remarkable experience during Art and Craft hour.
Today little ones made super nice giraffe craft.
Each one of them was happy to do it and show it to his friends.
Amazing way of knowing more about the world that they live in.
The tracing is of much value to the growing little minds, for they practice and gain fine muscle control and strengthening eye-hand motor coordination.
By holding pencils they learned how to control writing skills.
It’s time for outdoor activities!!
Kids enjoy all outside activities and it was a great idea to finish the week.
A bit of play, a bit of dance, a bit of pretend play… Complete and fun-filled week.

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