Imagining the splendor of the Universe.
It was a lovely day for the Seattle class…everyone had fun. Memories of the week’s activities will surely remain in the minds of these little children. Learning by doing is an effective strategy for mental understanding and physical development of children. As the saying goes… “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember… involve me and I learn”. The circle time was devoted to a review of numeracy and phonics lessons and different colors as well. Then, it was followed by coloring letter F for fine motors development. Because it’s Thursday, children also are expected to have space imaginative experience. Today, they used their imagination on traveling space using spaceship. As their output, they were asked to make the paper spaceship craft. To break the monotony of the day’s activities, they were given an ample time to play at the playground. At last, they ended up the week full of happy memories

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