What color did you get?
Throw as far as you can!
Color balls is an interesting and addictive game from knowledge adventure, its an educational games for kids. The Color balls game is a challenging game that requires kids to focus their attention on the color of the ball as well as the color of the basket to throw the ball into. It trains kids to concentrate on a particular activity, filtering out everything else that is unnecessary. This game also requires kids to work fast and improves reaction time. The objective of the game is to make sure that the right ball is thrown into the right basket. It was very exciting for kids as they played and learned.

The sun is so bright!
My beautiful sunflower craft!
I love crafts!
By exposing kids to a wide range of crafting activities, they begin to know the ones that really spark their interest. Most kids do have different interest. So we try to expose our kids to lots of different art and craft forms in school.
As their talent for a particular craft improves, they will also enjoy looking back at earlier creations to see how much they have improved, which will boost their confidence. It was a beautiful sunflower craft they made.

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