Gross motor skills!
All you need are balloons!
Kids placed this balloons on their back and raced with between Lego blocks. Who was first? They were so excited to take that position. This was very essential for Gross motor skills development. Gross motor skills are not only essential for moving around and playing; they are also crucial for the fine motor development of kids. Their control over their whole body and hands can operate.
We extended this activity by having the small children pat the balloons to each other. It was a great activity as it helps them hold and maintain their grasp on objects, to be able to move objects and to get their hands in exactly the right position to manipulate and move efficiently.
My colorful Caterpillar!
Kids made a craft of a caterpillar. With this craft, some pasted colored papers, some colored the caterpillar and some were let to paint the caterpillar. This was great for the improvement of hand-eye coordination. Seattle’s class was busy with a beautiful handprint flower.
It has been a beautiful start of spring camp!

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