WOW! isn’t it amazing to see rainbow colors moving on a plate of milk??? What a magic !!!
Children welcomed the third week of the camp very excited and inquisitive. Exploring Science is an exciting and challenging activity for children. As they can have a chance to use their 5 basic senses to see, to smell, to touch, to hear and even taste things.
Today, children had a Science experiment on Rainbow colors Milk Magic. In this experiment, children were given the chance to touch food colors as they pour a small droplet of it on the milk. Then, each of them was given Q-tip cotton buds as they were instructed by the teachers to dip it in a dish soap. After which, each kid was allowed to dip the Q-tip with dish soap into the plate of milk with food colors droplets. At an instant glanced, they were so amazed when they saw those rainbow colors were moving on the plate. It was a challenging activity to each of them since they need to make the rainbow colors move. But since children are so smart and very skilful, they all did it well.
Look at the Cloud!…as they finished doing their crafts kids enjoyed praising the cloud collage that they made. Each age group were given differentiated kind of cloud collage crafts. 1.6- 2 years old & up age group did the Cloud collage using cotton balls that show the clouds are clear in a daytime, 3 yrs. Old-  age group did the Cloud Collage using a grey felt paper signifying that the cloud shows a bad weather coming, while the 3.6 years old and up age group did the Cloud Collage using white crepe paper as it shows that the cloud can be at anytime heavy as the weather changes from time to time. Everyone was so proud of their handmade craft.
It was indeed a challenging day with full of discoveries and learnings.

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