Spring Camp Week 3 – Monday, April 02, 2018
Oh Look ! … a giant hungry Caterpillar!
As children pointed the giant chart paper made caterpillar with a big mouth. Spring theme activities will have the children engaged in fun and learning while exploring on flowers, plants and of course with caterpillars. Children started the day with singing and playing during the early morning motivational activities. At the playground, they had the chance to enjoyed hopping and crawling like a caterpillar and experienced pretend play of feeding a hungry caterpillar with the use of different plastic toy fruits and vegetables. It was a fun gross motor development for the children. As this activity also develop their love for nature and things that live on it.
For practical application of what they have learned from today’s activity, they were asked to make their differentiated craft of a Caterpillar using different colors of pompom balls, each age group of students made their own craft. For one group they made letter C caterpillar pompom craft, next,
was the Caterpillar pompom craft on a leaf, while the other group made a Caterpillar pompom craft on a drumstick. This activity was also necessary to develop their fine motor skills as they were asked to put the glue, stick the pompom to the paper or drumstick and see to it that they would make a nice structure of a caterpillar.

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