Introducing…Fairytale land in the kingdom of White Fields Nursery.
Today is character day. Everyone came to school in their favorite character costume. Some kids came in their professional attire such as policeman, veterinarian, doctor and cowboy costume.
They were all amazed at how they looked like and very proud how they portrayed their character.
It was a new but memorable experience for them as we ended up the spring camp. It developed their personal esteem and self-confidence as they believed that in reality their dream to be as their favorite character can be possible. They all paraded along the hall and were so surprised when a dancing fairy godmother appeared with their very eyes waving her magic wands. Everyone was given the chance to dance gracefully with the fairy godmother. Thereafter, all were enchanted by listening to a wonderful short fairytale about the 4 beautiful princesses done by the fairy godmother.
It was a very unforgettable wonderland experience for all as they waved goodbye to their spring camp friends.

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