Circle time should reflect the needs and interests of the children. Today, kids happily sang action songs and did the review on phonics s and a. It was so amazing to know that kids still remember the past lessons. Days of the week song had made them recalled the names of days and how many days we have in a week.
Walk like an Elephant…a camel…a coyote…can you do it? Let’s do the animal walk!
Animal Walks are simple and fun exercises that anyone can do to get a quick dose of gross motor play. Gross motor skills are such an important part of the healthy development of children of all ages. In fact, gross motor activities get the kids moving and active, it also allows them to release much-needed energy. This is also responsible for helping children regulate their sensory needs. One of the easiest ways to develop their proprioceptive and vestibular sense is with Animal Walks. Children were so happy doing the animal walk with their classmates. As the teacher asked them to do each animal walk, all have fun and enjoyed the activity.
Fine motor skills developed too when kids were instructed to make their torn paper desert sunset craft. Using colored torn paper, kids made the desert sunset craft by pasting the torn pieces of colored paper on white bond in order of arrangement such as red, orange, yellow, pink and blue and on top is a camel made of chart paper. It was a beautiful and colorful work of arts.
The Secret Letter Activity is a simple Science experiment which is a combination of literacy and art activity. It is a crayon resist activity which means they painted on top of the crayon. They were given a white bond paper on it were written letters using a white crayon. So it appeared to them as a blank sheet of paper. Then they were asked to paint it with a watercolour and to their surprised letter came on it very visible.
Challenging day but full of learning and fun for kids.


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