Today, it’s an awesome day at White Fields Nursery
We started our day with simple activity just to refresh their memory we started with circle time with a review of numbers 1 and 2. Then, we had the cactus craft. This craft making served as fine motor skills development for them as they have to put the small yellow spots on the cactus, sensory and hand control were exercised this made them very excited and happy seeing their finished job.
Then we had our Arabic class with Polly, because it’s the first day of the week, after Spring Camp, so we decide to refresh the mind of the kids and to remind them of what we had taken before, so we reviewed on
letter ” alaf” and letter “baa” they need to stick all of the letters “alaf” with the same letter in the chart paper, and the same of letter “baa” also.  We had another Arabic class with skittles, we also conducted a review about past lessons and started tracing letter “alaf” and “baa” and it was so easy for them and they have done it easily.
It was full of fun for the kids.

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