Creating better writers with tracing!
Pre-writing is an important step because it teaches children the correct way to hold a pencil, how to use a good, firm grip, and emphasizes the use of fine motor skills. Kids were involved with revision today. We revised numbers 1 to 5 by tracing. They traced 1 to 5 on worksheets. Kids also traced on colored sand as this week is all about deserts. Sand is found in the desert and it’s a great idea using it to teach kids how to write.
“I like to hop”
Kids hopped on numbers as they were called out by their class teacher. The numbers were called sequentially. It was a great way for them to recall what they learned during the second term.
As kids get involved in gym classes, they were so focused on particular gym tools they wanted. The physical activity becomes fun. These allow kids to go to their next classes feeling cheerful, relaxed and ready to focus on learning new ideas.

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