1, 2, 3, 4, 5…once I caught a fish alive! as children sang while counting. This is how circle time plays a major role in early child development as they were given time to sing, count and identify phonics, as well as colors and shapes.
Associating phonics t to number 8 is somehow an adventure and a step up on the level of numeracy skills development among kids. Today, Pollys had a palm tree number craft. Children were asked to make a palm tree craft made of colored chart paper. On it, they have to stick 8 pieces of brown strips circle shaped paper that served as a fruit of the tree.
During the activity, fine motors skills, as well as numeracy and literacy skills, are developed. Kids used their hand muscles control to produce a tree craft which stands for the phonics t and counted number 8 using the strips of paper.
Writing is also fun…by tracing numbers 0 through 8 and coloring made everybody busy. The activity encouraged the kids to learn how to hold the pencil/ crayon and control its movement Somehow it was difficult for some kids but they all did a good job for a start.
It was challenging day of learning.

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