Today is another spectacular day at WFN. have fun !!!
Early morning kids were so excited meeting together and playing together. We started our circle time with the singing lovely songs.
Then we all took a short trip to the desert ..they started to recognize what animals are living in the desert .. it is a camel!! they played with the camel and they were also playing with the sand, these kinds of activity helped develop their motor skills and at the same time enriching their mental ability in the search process.
Time for searching the hidden letters!!
Letters were hidden under the sand, they have to search for it and to pick one of these letters and show it to their classmates as well as be able to identify the letter name.
They were so excited about doing the activity because they wanted to see what is under the sand.
Arabic class at skittles class.
Today we had a review for the rest of the letters that we have taken before.
So they started to put the picture that belongs to letter ” taa” they have to stick it to the same letter, same thing with letter”tha”. Now they can differentiate between both letters.
Islamic class with polly class.
We reviewed what we have taken before, we started it with surah ” al Falaq”, “al-ikhlas”, ” alnass”,” al kawther”, “al feel”, and also the morning doaa.

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