Letter H…sounds as /h/…as in hot, hawk and hedgehog! Listen to the story
Early literacy plays a key role in enabling the kid to acquire early learning experiences. Literacy is more than just learning to read, it also includes how children interpret and understand what is being read. Today, children had a short background story of what a desert looks like as it is the week’s theme. Some desert animals are introduced which name starts with letter H. Through pictures clues, kids were able to associate letter name H with the names of desert animals like hawk and hedgehog. H also stands with the word hot, which describes the desert temperature.
Pre-writing is an asset to any preschool kid to help them become better writers. As one practical application, kids were given a tracing H writing activity. They were also given the tasked of coloring and counting 8 potatoes which enhanced their numeracy skills on number 8 in particular.
Learning is fun!

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